Internal committees

To ensure a bright future to the industry, the ACGQ has implemented different operational committees to help develop a sectoral approach. It is also involved in several sectoral committees, projects and multidisciplinary groups.

The Membership Committee’s mandate is the following:

  • Continuous improvement of the association’s notoriety and visibility;
  • Continuous participation in various economic and political decision-making authorities and involvement in the industry’s activities;
  • Continuous knowledge of the members’ needs and expectations;
  • Good balance between services offered and members’ needs;
  • Continuous information sharing with members, while increasing their awareness of the service offering.

Jean-François Masson

Greenfield Global Québec

Jean-Pierre Brochu

Agri-Marché inc.

Christian Dagenais

SG Ceresco inc.

Pierre-Luc Guimond

Nova Grain inc.

Richard Villeneuve

Sollio & Grains Québec/Partenariat agricole GQ s.e.c.

Yvan Lacroix


The Finance Committee’s mandate is the following:
The Finance Committee is mainly working on the integrity of financial information, the internal audit, the financial statements and the set-up of control mechanisms, as well as risk management process and optimal financial resource utilization plan.

Yvan Lacroix

Directeur général ACGQ

Jean-Pierre Brochu

Agri-Marché Inc.

Rob Law

Viterra Canada inc.

Bruno Simard

G3 Canada Limited

Richard Williams

Soya Excel inc.